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Materials (films or adhesive tapes & foams) are stocked in jumbo rolls, which Eurobands® teams cut to size. In this way, and depending on requirements, several types of presentation are possible.

All aspects of the roll cutting process are taken into account, in order to save time on the customer’s production line. Each product is delivered in a finished state, with the ideal dimensions for the customer.


Whatever your needs, Eurobands® has the solution for custom cutting.

Our teams are committed to delivering transformed or cut materials in the most perfect form, so that they can be used directly on their customers’ production lines and bring them a better productivity.


One of the types of cuts which laser cutting is suited to is kiss cutting, i.e. where the top layer is cut without cutting through the underlying layer.

The attractive feature of laser cutting is that the cutting head does not touch the surface, and consequently does not distort the product or stick to it. This makes laser cutting well suited to complex cuts, with the complexity often resulting from the composition of the product and/or its thickness.

ADDEV Materials machines are also able to cut through adhesive-coated backings without cutting through the release liner.

Other benefits:

  • No blades to clean
  • Perfectly cut shapes for all types of materials
  • Maximum repeatability
  • Clean-cut edges


Eurobands® uses various processes to cut all soft and flexible products into specific formats such as A4, A3 or any other size.